Additional Services

  • Claybar Treatment $10-$25 (price depends on condition)
    • Removes small rust spots and paint contaminants 
  • Rain Windshield Repellent $12
  • Undercarriage Pressure Clean $10
    • A complete high-pressure clean of your vehicle's undercarriage
  • Headlight Restoration $25 (single), $40 (pair)
  • Fabric Armor $39-$59 (Price depends on vehicle size)
    • Protect your vehicle’s seats by repelling liquids and effectively blocking stains
  • Pet Hair Removal $10-$30 (price depends on condition)
    • We remove all embedded pet-hair with in-depth carpet vacuuming and brushing
  • Car Seat Treatment $19
    • We remove the car seat, shampoo it, remove stains and sanitize it. Note: Customer responsible for re-installation
  • Engine Detail $19
    • Deep cleaning and cleaning of your engine bay

Trip Charges

This is the map of the area we service, as well as the trip charges associated with each location. Good news! If you're within the direct area of Vibrant Mobile Detail, we'll travel to you free of charge.