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Better understanding RV’s

  • RV Finishes:
    • Full Body Paint: Typically on Class A’s & some Fifth Wheels. Similar to car paint, it has a base coat & topcoat. Tends to be more durable against oxidation. 
    • Gelcoat RV’s: Typically on Fifth Wheels & Travel Trailers. Single stage finishes that are more prone to Oxidation. Oxidation is going to occur on Gelcoat finishes, it is just a matter of when. Proper protection will prolong the Oxidation process. Once oxidized, our Vibrant Shine package will NOT remove that oxidation.
    • Aluminum Finishes: Typically on a travel trailer. These can be polished but our Ceramic Sprays are highly recommended.
  • Maintenance: Routine exterior detail maintenance not only keeps your RV looking great, but will also preserve the RV to retain its value. We can set up a customized RV detailing plan.
  • RV Roofs: Out of sight should not be out of mind. RV roof replacement can cost between $5k-$10k, our Deep Roof Cleaning & UV Roof Protection will maintain the health of your roof.
  • Detailing Methods: The wrong products & detailing methods can damage your RV. 
    • Polishing: If a pad is a little too dirty or a little too aggressive, that will put ugly holograms & swirls in your RV paint. There is so much that goes into proper Polishing, from the polisher, speed, pressure, pad choice, product choice, the sun, the finish, etc. These are all things we have figured out at Vibrant.
    • Washing: If you use a brush on fully painted RV’s, that can result in micro scratches. We only use lambswool on painted RV’s. Just 1 bad detail can really damage your RV. We oftentimes have to fix these damages caused by other detailers with multi-step paint correction. Gelcoat RV’s can handle a soft detailing brush.
  • Products: Given the plethora of products on the market, it is imperative to use the correct ones. Given that, Vibrant uses only the best in class products for your RV. 
  • Other Detailers & Companies: In detailing, you get what you pay for. There are endless options you can go with for your RV & Car Detailing needs. At Vibrant, you know what you are getting. We have a proven track record with thousands of awesome, satisfied customers. Other detailing companies oftentimes don’t put the customer first, at Vibrant Mobile Detail, the customer is ALWAYS first. We have been in business since 2013, so you can rest assured that your RV or Car will get proper treatment.

Why choose Vibrant Mobile Detail?

  • Your time is valuable so we bring the clean to you; with ready to work, well dressed & highly trained detailers.
  • Your RV deserves the best. You can trust our detailed work as we have been in business since 2013.
  • Your experience & the results are a top priority & we deliver consistent 5-star results for our customers.
  • We understand the importance of protecting & preserving your large investment so we use only top of the line products & detailing methods to ensure a healthy RV for years to come.
  • We ALWAYS bring everything we need. Including deionized water to give a true spot-free wash, a quiet generator, & all of the products & supplies needed.
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